Antarctica´s Penguin Emperors 3D

Tietomaa´s family friendly film was shot on location in Antarctica, the southernmost region on the planet. The story follows a colony of Emperor Penguins as they emerge from the sea and begin their long march sixty miles inland during the cold winter. Presented in stunning 3D, this true-life tale will warm the hearts of audiences as they witness the hardships and sacrifices of these curious creatures in their fascinating triumph over the elements.

The movie offers breathtaking 3D imagery that captures Antarctica´s transcendent beauty. It´s a family drama about love and courage of devoted parent penguins and their young set in the most uncompromising region of the world.

English shows daily at 1 pm (and 5 pm weekends)

Duration: 40 minutes.



Ticket prices

All inclusive ticket
(exhibitions, 3D super screen film and astronomy show)
Adult 15,00
Children (6–17 years) 11,00
Family (2+2 or 1+3) 43,00
Astronomy show EUR
Adult 4,50
Children (6–17 years) 3,00
Family (2+2 or 1+3) 12,00
uusi elementti
3D Super screen film
Adult 5,50
     Children (6-17 years)                    4,00
     Family (2+2 or 1+3)                       16,00
Group prizes  
Min. 10 persons