Super screen films in 3D!

In Tietomaa's amazing super screen theatre, you will see fascinating documentary films in digital 3D format.

Projected on Finland's second largest (153 m2) flat screen, a film never fails to grow into a great experience but virtually pulls the audience in the midst of the events on the screen.

Tietomaa's giant screen film is suitable for audiences of all ages. The topics of the films range from nature and animal documentaries to films that explore history and technology.


Ticket prices

All inclusive ticket
(exhibitions, 3D super screen film)
Adult 15,00
Children (6–17 years) 11,00
Family (2+2 or 1+3) 43,00

3D Super screen film
Adult 5,50
     Children (6-17 years)                    4,00
     Family (2+2 or 1+3)                       16,00
Group prizes  
Min. 10 persons